Mentoring Programs For Youth At Risk

Does My Child Need Mentoring Programs for Youth At Risk?

If your child has been struggling in school, with friends or at home, you may wonder if he or she would benefit from mentoring programs for youth at risk. Here’s five signs your child might benefit from such a program here in Palisade, MN.

  • Fighting Emotions - Be it full-fledged depression or just feeling down or maybe having trouble controlling their temper when they are made, if your child is fighting his or her emotions mentoring programs for youth at risk may help.

  • Few Good Role Models - A mentoring program is a great choice for children who don’t have many good role models.

  • Having Trouble with Peer Pressure - If your child is having trouble with peer pressure, a good outside influence may make a big difference.

  • Low Self Esteem - Children with low self esteem are often great candidates for these programs and it can enable these young people to grow and become their very best.