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An Outrigger Event: Custom Kayak Parties

Kayaking in an enjoyable activity which has many enthusiasts spending hours enjoying nature and getting exercise. Since river kayaking is so popular, many people are using their favorite activity as a theme for parties and events. If you have an event, party, or any type of celebration coming up and you want a unique theme for your party, using ‘kayaking the Mississippi River near me’ as a theme is a sure winner.

Kayaking: Party teamwork

No matter what the theme of your gathering is, river kayaking is sure to please guests of all ages. Folks have opted for ‘kayaking the Mississippi River near me’ events to celebrate anniversaries, company functions, birthday parties, fundraisers and more. Some businesses enjoy scheduling kayaking retreats to help their staff bond.

Some kayaking companies offer special event packages which include kayaks, party space, refreshments, and more. Hosts can arrange for lessons so everyone can enjoy the day at his or her own speed and ability. A professional guide can also be included in the adventure.

Special accommodations can be made for children parties. Parents usually opt for chaperoned outings for children parties and children under 18 are required to be under the supervision of an adult. All safety requirements and protocol and met by professional kayaking companies who will do everything to make sure the party is not only fun but safe too.

Selecting a kayak company

If you want to have a kayak party for your upcoming function, you should make sure you go with a company which has the proper licensing and good safety record. You’ll also want to make sure they have available staff to instruct new kayakers, find out whether they have experience working with children, and get any information regarding insurance, required certifications and credentials. It’s also a good idea to make sure your guests feel comfortable in a kayak, know how to swim, and any other special concerns you should know about.

Kayak companies are all unique businesses with their own rules and requirements. You’ll need to make sure the type of gathering you are planning is something the company does and if any restrictions apply. While some kayak companies offer party planning including refreshments, you may need to hire a caterer for the event separately.

Kayaking is an excellent activity that you are sure to have a good time doing and that builds teamwork. Whether you are planning a festive event or company outing, everyone will gain from and enjoy the experience. Properly panned, it will be an exciting and memorable event.

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