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What Parents Should Know about Youth Mentoring Programs

You may have heard of youth mentoring programs, but you may not know as much about them as you would like to. These programs are aimed at helping youth of all ages. They are useful for a wide range of reasons. Each program has its own strategies and goals. The following are some answers to the questions that parents may have about these programs.

Troubled youth

Some parents mistakenly believe that these programs are for troubled youth. This is not true, though troubled youth can benefit from these programs. All youth benefit from them.

What these programs do

These programs match each child with a mentor. This mentor can provide mentorship for a number of reasons.

  • They are someone to talk to.

  • They can help your child reach their goals.

  • They offer advice on school, career and other things that youth worry about.

  • If the child does have trouble in his or her life, the mentor tries to help them straighten things out and get on the right path.

What makes mentors successful?

Mentors in a youth empowerment program are successful because they have dealt with the same things that the person they are mentoring has gone through. They understand and they care. They are able to convey this to the youth. One reason that they are successful when family members may not be is because they are not family. There are times when an outsider is able to reach a young person in ways that a family member cannot. It's also sometimes easier to talk to someone who is not as close as a family member.

Values and experiences

Youth in these programs are exposed to new experiences which can help them with career choices. They also learn values. Even though they are learning values at home, learning them from an outside source can be beneficial.

These programs are wonderful tools for youth of all ages and stages. No matter what they are having difficulty with, or even if they just need someone to talk to, there are caring people who want to listen and help. Getting your child into one of these programs can help give them the edge they need to succeed as they travel down the path to adulthood. Enrolling your child in one of these programs can guide them through these sometimes confusing years as they transition from childhood to adulthood.

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