Programs For Troubled Teens

Are There Programs for Troubled Teens in Palisade, MN?

If you’re dealing with a teen who is struggling at home, in school or with a more serious problem, you may feel like you need some professional assistance. Programs for troubled teens are available in many places that can offer guidance and a sense of purpose to young people who are going down the wrong path.


So, are there any programs like this in Palisade, MN? Actually--yes. We invite you to check out Palisade Area Community Kids Education Resource Service (PACKERS for short) and find out if it might be a good solution for your teen. We provide a safe and secure place for young people to participate in programs, activities, and find guidance that helps them experience recreation and the benefits it can bring the mind and body. More than just a troubled teen center, PACKERS is a full-service youth facility that supports young people all around the Palisade area.